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Repairing and Replacing Shocks and Struts in New York

Hewlett House of Tires, Tire Pros in New York can repair and replace shocks and struts that are not working properly. Keeping your shocks and struts in good working conditions is a matter of comfort and safety. When these parts of your car, truck or SUV become old or damaged, they can cause several problems. Your car will absorb bumps in the road much less effectively, meaning your vehicle will not ride as smoothly as it could. More importantly, bad shocks will cause your tires to wear unevenly and negatively impact the breaking speed of your vehicle. This is the danger of bad struts. Keep yourself and your family safe by getting routine shock and strut services. Schedule your service today!

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Understanding the Differences Between Shocks and Struts

People often discuss shocks and struts together because they have similar functions. However, it is useful for car owners to understand the differences between them. Knowing the differences may help you identify when you need to get them replaced or repaired. The difference between shocks and struts are:

  • Shocks – Short for shock absorbers, shocks prevent your vehicle from bouncing on the road as you hit bumps or start and stop. Keeping your vehicle stable during turns and other maneuvers helps to improve handling. Additionally, excessive shaking and bouncing can be harmful to some of the less flexible components under your hood. Shocks usually wear out very gradually, causing owners to have difficulty noticing it. However, once you have your shocks replaced, you will notice that it drives like new.
  • Struts – Struts, like shocks, help absorb the impact from rough roads, potholes, and speed bumps. Struts differ the most from shocks in their ability to help your vehicle maintain a consistent height and weight distribution. You may notice how a vehicle’s front dips when coming to a sudden stop. This is a sign of bad struts and can be more dangerous than it appears. Letting Hewlett House of Tires, Tire Pros replace your struts will allow your vehicle to remain at a consistent height and keep the weight evenly distributed over all four tires when maneuvering.
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Getting Service From the Hewlett House of Tires, Tire Pros Experts

Since shocks and struts wear at a gradual pace, it is easy to wonder if they really need to be repaired or replaced. In Hewlett House of Tires, Tire Pros’s experience, the average car owner waits far too long to replace their shocks and struts. Even worse, car owners often trust unreliable and inexperienced shops with this type of work. Inexperienced replacement of these parts can damage more expensive components under the hood. So, when you need to repair or replace your shocks come to our shop. We have highly qualified mechanics and technicians with experience working on all makes and models.

Schedule Your Shock and Strut Service Today!

If you need your shocks and struts replaced, there is nowhere better to turn than Hewlett House of Tires, Tire Pros. We have experienced mechanics and technicians ready to inspect your vehicle, and if necessary, replace your shocks and struts right away. We always strive to get you behind the wheel again in no time flat. To schedule service, call us directly or request an appointment online.

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