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Muffler and Exhaust System Repairs in New York

The muffler and exhaust system are responsible for removing harmful emissions produced by the engine and reducing the loud noises the car makes while the engine is running. Issues with your exhaust system can cause problems with engine performance and lead to failed state inspections. Cracks or leaks in the muffler or tailpipe will make your car sound much louder than it should. If you’re experiencing problems with either, visit Hewlett House of Tires, Tire Pros, and we’ll provide you with any muffler and exhaust system repairs your car needs.

Cars up on lifts in an auto repair shop

Repair and Replacement Services

Determining whether or not your vehicle needs repairs to the exhaust system and muffler or a replacement depends on what type of issue your car is facing. With all cars, parts wear out over time, and replacement of worn gaskets, connections, and other components should be expected. However, if you need a replacement of your muffler or another part of the exhaust system, we can complete those right here in our shop. You may notice something’s not quite right, such as:

  • Louder than usual when idling and engine acceleration
  • Unusual smells
  • Clunking from the back end of the vehicle

Visit Us for Muffler & Exhaust Services

If your vehicle is experiencing issues with the muffler or exhaust system, contact us at Hewlett House of Tires, Tire Pros for professional repair or replacement services today. Our certified, trained technicians will accurately determine the issues your vehicle is facing and offer reliable repairs to get you back out on the road. Give us a call to schedule service today.

Auto Maintenance and Tire Sales

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